Independent of party ties!

"To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt...I am for a government rigorously frugal and simple."

                                                          Thomas Jefferson

William Lee, Independent Candidate for the 45th district House of Representatives Seat in Missouri LOGO

Candidate: William Lee

My name is William Lee and I am tired of politics as usual in Jefferson City. I believe that partisan politics is the root of many of the problems that we are experiencing in our country and state today.  

It is time that we rise up and take back the power of the people by electing candidates based upon their policies and character, not their party.  That is why I pledge to be available each day to speak with my constituents. 

It is time that the people be engaged!  It is time to elect an Independent thinker.   ELECT William Lee for the 45th district. 

An Independent Voice for COMO!

Working Hard to earn your vote In The 45th District

William Lee, Candidate for 45th District Representative, Columbia MO, Home-school father of 4. Independent Candidate 45th district.