Independent of party ties!

William Lee Independent Candidate for the 45th district, former construction worker, knows how to have a good time with his kids and build things that will make memories for a lifetime.

About William Lee

William Lee independent candidate for the 45th district House of Representatives seat in Missouri and his wife Nela Lee, daughter Camila Lee 11, son Lucas Lee 8, son Micaiah Lee 6, and daughter Leora Lee 4.

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer."

John F. Kennedy

I was born to a young girl in northern Arkansas and was adopted at the age of 10 months.  I could have been aborted but thank God every day that is not the way my birth-mother chose to deal with me, an inconvenience and an ever-present reminder of a grave injustice.  My mother chose life for me and gave me a chance to become who I am today. 

I grew up in Centralia, MO, much like every other country boy that lived on a farm and had animals, cows, pigs, horses, and mules, not to mention the dogs.  I grew up loving nature, hunting, fishing, and camping every chance that I had.  I worked for my parents on our farm and for the neighbors on theirs, I mucked stalls, fed animals, helped butcher, bucked bales of hay, baled and raked hay, cultivated crops, planted, worked in the garden and even cooked, and canned.  I was not the most popular kid in school, I was always a big kid, and got made fun of a lot.  That made my character stronger and made me realize just how some people feel and understand that discrimination and injustice happen still today in this world of advanced knowledge and affluence.   

I married my beautiful, loving wife Nela who is from Peru, and moved to Columbia.  Five years later my dad died of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. A year after my brother died.  My brother is the reason why I believe the way I do about drugs and specifically marijuana.  He became addicted when he was 14, or 15 years of age and continued using until his death at 34.  I miss my brother.

I have made what I have on my own with the help of God.  I did not go back to school until I was 28, and then decided that the medical field was the most stable and therefore worth the time to study. 

The practicality and sustainability of the position and work is what led me to the field. I have a deep desire to see advances in areas of medicine that are not even being studied with any seriousness as of yet. 

I have worked in lots of positions over the years,

Pizza person at Casey’s General Store,

Construction worker,

Mold Changer at DPC in Centralia (non-union)

Clerk at Breaktime in Centralia,

Factory Worker at AB Chance Co. in Centralia, (union)

Truck Driver for 8 years,

Residential care giver at Residential Care facility for children.


Research Technician/Laboratory manager at University of Missouri, in the Biochemistry Department working with HIV and HCV, doing molecular and cellular studies, as well as protein expression in bacterial cells.

MLT and MT/MLS at Boone Hospital Center

For most of the last 7 years I have worked an average of 70 hours per week.  I know what it is like to work hard, struggle and strive.   I am a Graduate of Moberly Area Community College and  University of Cincinnati, School of Allied Health Sciences.  I work as a Medical Laboratory Scientist at Boone Hospital Center.  

My wife and I have four wonderful children whom we homeschool.

I am a lover of Science and History and believe that if we do not know and understand history we are bound to repeat it.

In my spare time I like to play with my children, read, build things for my family and study. (See picture at right for an example of things I like to build) 

I love this country and the principles which it was founded upon. These principles have driven me to become involved because I believe that if we do nothing to change where we are going we have no room to complain where we end up.

 I ask you to support common sense solutions to the problems that we as a state face and vote for me this November 8th, Vote William Lee for 45th district Representative. 

An Independent Voice for COMO!

William Lee's logo for his run for the 45th district house seat in Columbia Mo. He is running as an independent and would appreciate your support. William pledges to make sure that every one of the constituents in his district will have the to call his office every day during the office hours that he will keep for that reason. William believes that better voter engagement is what is needed to fix the problems that exist today.

"Every person has the right to be heard by their legislator even the people who you disagree with."                                          William R. Lee

William Lee Independent Candidate for the 45th district, former construction worker, knows how to have a good time with his kids and build things that will make memories for a lifetime. William also enjoys walking on the trail with his daughter.
William Lee Independent Candidate for the 45th district House of Representatives Seat in Missouri sees the Missouri Flag as the symbol of hope that no matter how we fall that Missouri Stands United and that there is still hope for the state.
  • Family comes first. 
  • Integrity matters.
  • Service above self. 
  • Truthfulness 
  • Transparency 
  • Availability
  • Sustainability

My Values