Independent of party ties!

Running as an Independent

There are benefits and challenges in running a political campaign as an Independent. One of the benefits is that you have no party to try to make you fit in a box; another benefit is that you and your constituency create your platform.  I cannot begin to say how much I love this city and the people in it.  As an Independent I will be beholden to no party ties and be able to truly represent you in Jefferson City. 

One of the challenges is that you have no financial support other than the grassroots contributions. Candidates that run with an established party enjoy the security of contributions from others in their party, as well as from the party itself.  When it comes to finances in my household, we work within our means and try to make it always on our own. For this race however, I will have to appeal to my supporters and people who love democracy to join with me in this fight.

I want to ask now, for help in this campaign, if you can contribute, even with a small amount, it will enable me to truly run to win.  I, on the other hand, commit to wisely and prudently use every dollar I am entrusted with.

For whatever reason the media, save for the Columbia Daily Tribune, have not paid much attention to my candidacy yet and therefore are denying you a choice in the 45th district.  The ballot in the 45th district has been unopposed since redistricting, and before that there has been only one challenger in my memory of this area.  Democracy is not built to have only one candidate run, it is supposed to give choices, and allow the people to choose the best candidate.   

Please consider helping with even a small contribution and let your voice be heard.

William Lee

Independent Candidate