Independent of party ties!


Education is the key to the future of this country and state.  We must ensure adequate funding for the public school system while vigilantly looking for ways to improve it.  There is no more valuable resource than the minds of our young people, and therefore the development of this resource is essential to the future of the state.  Right now we are losing about 15% of students before they graduate high school.  This is unacceptable!  

Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards (CCS) take away the ability of teachers to instruct their students according to what they know is best for them. With CCS the local control of schools is lost to the federal bureaucrats at the Department of Education. CCS infringes on privacy rights of students because their information is compiled from preschool to graduation, this part is not that different except the information is not kept local, as it is pre CCS, it is sent to the Department of Education (DOE).  Parents know the interests, likes, dislikes and proclivities of their children and should have the choice of the school which they attend, not a bureaucrat sitting in an office somewhere who arbitrarily draw district lines and certainly not the DOE.

I am for educational freedom and support school choice and homeschool.

I am against Common Core, a federal takeover of a local right.