In the same interview as the quote above Napolitano added,

"The fifth amendment prohibits the government from taking the life liberty or property without the due process of law.  That has been interpreted to mean the government can't permit you or me to take life liberty or property without the due process of law."

When asked when life begins Judge Napolitano answered,

"The being in the womb has natural parents and it has all the actualizable human genome to produce a Nick Gillespie or a Barack Obama. From that one could rationally argue that the protection of the law is required from the moment of conception."


The Constitution guarantees us protection of our rights, and the greatest of those rights is the right to life.

I am unapologetically pro-life: pro-mother, pro-child, pro-family.

William Lee 45th district Columbia, Mo Independent candidate finds agreement with Andrew Napolitano on the issue of abortion.

William is

William Lee speaks during a a pro-life rally in front of Planned Parenthood during the 40 Days For Life event.  Wife Nela and children accompanied to support the cause.

"My opposition to abortion is not only because of church teaching, but also because of a rational examination of the baby growing in the womb, and a belief in the non aggression principle. The non aggression principle prevents you from interfering with the life, or the property of another human being without moral justification. What moral justification is there for killing a child in the womb?"

Judge Andrew Napolitano

While there is much that I disagree with the good Judge about, this issue is not one of them.  He is spot on with his arguments against the practice of abortion. Faith aside, it just makes sense the way he speaks about it.​

Judge Andrew Napolitano


William Lee candidate for the 45th district gains Missouri Right to Life Endorsement!

Independent of party ties!