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August 5, 2016

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Local Medical Scientist launches Independent campaign for the 45th District House Seat.

William Lee, laboratory scientist at Boone Hospital Center Columbia, launches campaign for the 45th district Missouri House of Representative seat in the November 8th election.  William seeks to create and carry on a dialogue with the people of the 45th district, and pledges to be personally available for a maximum amount of time each day the legislature is in session. This is to engage the people of the district and insure they can call with issues and concerns and speak to him not a secretary.  William is a political outsider that has never ran for office.  William believes the way to fix government is with the involvement of the constituents.

William pledges to do everything in his power to protect the people of the district from government infringement of their rights.  William is a medical professional and vows to bring the attitude taught to those in the medical field that every patient is your patient, and implement that in government.    This is truly an Independent approach and as the partisan politics drone on, you have one candidate here to truly promote freedom and common sense in government, that candidate is William Lee.  An Independent voice for COMO.



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