Independent of party ties!


The individual freedom of conscience must be protected under the law. Individuals and business owners of all religions must be able to practice their faith without fear of lawsuit for refusing services that violate their religious beliefs.  Nobody wants to see discrimination against any other person.  However, there comes a point where a line must be drawn.  Faith when practiced sincerely touches all aspects of life.  This is why that exemptions are given to people of faith who object to war during the draft.  This is also why a doctor cannot be forced to participate in abortion.  It is a fundamental right to be able to practice our faith, (which is protected in the first amendment of the Constitution) in all areas of life, without fear of retaliation.

In the recent legislative session SJR 39 drew a lot of attention.  This bill was to protect the business owners of the state in specific instances.  This bill was too narrow in its scope and did not properly protect what it was supposed to.  Under this bill if a baker who practiced Islam was asked to bake a cake and put bacon on top of it for a straight couple the baker would not be protected and free to refuse services.  A bill needs to be written that will protect people of all faiths, and no faith at all, from being forced into participation in something they personally believe is wrong.  I would make this a legislative priority.

Recently in Iowa an appeals court made a decision regarding what the churches can teach! This must be safeguarded in Missouri.  George Washington said in an address in 1783 that “If the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter” In the speech, he was speaking of the people who were most critical of him, the writers of the National Gazette.  The first amendment does not allow for what some now dub “Hate Speech” (which is nothing but the teaching of a dearly held religious doctrine).  The Iowa ruling therefore infringes upon the right of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  We must keep the same thing from happening in Missouri.  The freedom of speech does not carry with it a guarantee that nobody will be offended.  That is the point, you have the right to say what you wish, even if it offends.  The offended party then has the responsibility to deal with the offense.