Independent of party ties!


The right to keep and bear arms is an important part of the country that we live in; not only for hunting but protection of our lives and property.  Some try to construe the problems that exist with shootings as a gun problem.  The fact is that the people who commit crimes with firearms are generally people who cannot legally own a gun in the first place.  The problem is not legal owners of firearms but those who will get a gun by any means necessary.  These people  - felons, gang members, thugs of any type, and drug dealers- will get their hands on a gun, where the people who now can legally have guns will not.  

The right of the people to own and carry must be protected.  Moreover, common sense must be applied: firearms do not shoot themselves, they are triggered by an individual who must be held accountable for his/her actions. Firearms are a tool to be used in the proper context.  Just as a hammer used in the proper context is completely benign, but if used wrongly can bring great harm to another person.