Independent of party ties!


There is a certain group of people that will live off the government as long as they are allowed.  Many of them will sit on the rolls for generations if permitted.  There is a way to stop this.  The solution I propose is what I have named “workfare”, not welfare.  

What is Workfare?

I have coined the word “Workfare” to describe a program where the office of unemployment and the office of Health and Senior Services work in collaboration to not only ensure the welfare of the person applying but also to help put them back to work.

Currently, when people apply for a government benefit and it is granted to them, there are a few things that they are expected to do.  For instance, they are expected to perform a certain number of hours of work activity, most of which is unverifiable and not even attempted by the agency.  What I propose would get rid of this requirement and instead replace it with an application process and building of a resume that would go to a job-seeker’s board which employers could look at. These applications and resumes would also be sent to all local temp-services and employment agencies. Applicants would be required to take any of the jobs offered.

Workfare would greatly increase the efficiency of DHHS and the unemployment office.  Workfare would also reduce the amount of money that goes out per month in the food stamp program.  How would you like to reduce the rolls of unemployment and welfare?

Let’s put Missouri to work!